Blink Camera Mounting Ideas (Best Places to Install)

Blink Camera Mounting Ideas

See what is happening inside and outside your home when you’re away through the Blink Outdoor Camera. It contains a myriad of features such as the ability to save your recordings or live view mode. This camera allows you to record or watch what’s happening around the front door or your backyard.

In any case, you can come up with a multitude of blink camera mounting ideas if you try hard enough. Just figure out a way to place the camera in a subtle manner that won’t lead it to accidental drops or negative exposure to the elements.

Blink Camera Mounting Ideas

Mount the Blink Outdoor Camera outdoors in a good place in order to maximize most of its features, which include a wide sweeping view and infra-red night vision. You can’t take advantage of all these benefits if you have poor Blink Camera placement.

Long story short, Blink Outdoor Camera mounting takes only a few minutes of your time, making it rather easy. In terms of mounting ideas, you can place the camera inside shingles or right into the bark of your trees for an overhead view.

Mount your camera the front yard
Mount your camera the front yard

Placement and Mounting Ideas

You want clear footage and high visibility across the board when figuring out the right mounting spot and mounting device. The mount could have a gooseneck or it could simply keep the device stable when push comes to shove.

Get more coverage by putting them in prime entryways that enable you to shift from camera to camera or view to view since the Blink Cameras can communicate with each other like smart devices, allowing more protection overall.

Furthermore, mount the camera outside of direct sunlight to keep glare from damaging the footage and UV rays from damaging the piece of equipment itself. It should ideally be 8 to 10 feet aboveground for good measure.

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Best Places to Mount Blink Outdoor Cameras

Choose several places when mounting your camera. This ensures you’ll get the most out of the device after buying it. Firstly, figure out where outdoors you wish to place the camera. If you have more than one camera, you can place them strategically in your yard for multiple viewing angles.

The most common places for mounting your Blink Camera outdoors include the following.

1. Awning

Place the camera under a covering or awning to prevent it from suffering elemental exposure or water damage. However, don’t cover the device up to the point where visibility ends up compromised.

The footage could end up too dark if you were to place the camera on too shaded of an area. The night vision mode could only work so well in low-light situations, so day footage should have ample daylight.

2. Front Door

Mount your camera here because it serves as the best place for it.

This location allows you to see who’s coming to the door, who’s coming in and out of your gates, and which packages arrive safely or get stolen altogether.

3. Garage

Another great place for camera mounting! The garage enables you to see the cars parked around your abode and the driveway itself.

It shows you a view of any intruders going through this area or video recordings you could use as evidence for prosecution later.

4. The Yard:

The yard could refer to the backyard or the front yard. This area surrounded by plants, a bed of grass, and/or a garden serves as the midway point between your gates and your front or backdoor.

Additionally, mounting a camera in the yard gives you the ability to monitor your children playing outside, thus keeping them safe from abduction. It also secures your home by alerting you on whether or not people are coming through your gates.

5. Backdoor

Speaking of the backdoor, mounting a camera here allows you to spy on spies or people snooping around at the side or back of your house. Getting more cameras in this area will cover all your exits, blind spots, and entry points.

How High Should You Mount Your Blink Camera?

Mount the camera about 8 to 10 feet from the ground outside contact with direct sunlight but not placed in such a shady place you’d need night vision to see beyond it. Tilt the camera slightly to view the surroundings but away from the ground and sun.

Night vision mode should only be activated at night instead of during the day because your camera has ended up covered in shadow. You can mount the camera on walls or even hide it within a birdhouse (in a way that doesn’t obscure its lens).

Does Height Affect Motion Detection?

As long as it could see what’s under it and it’s well-within the motion detection range of up to 20 feet or 6 meters, you’re good to go. When mounting your camera on a tree or at the awning, make sure that they don’t cover its sight or make it too dark to see.

A gooseneck or rotating mount bracket should give you enough leeway to adjust or rotate the camera to the perfect viewing angle every time.

How Far Will a Blink Camera Detect Motion?

Within 5 feet to 20 feet or 1.5 meters to 6 meters. This allows your Blink Camera to use its motion detection to its fullest potential. This height gives you the best range of detection, but keep in mind that bright flashes and car reflections all trigger motion detection as well.

Even with sunlight coming from the branches of your shady trees, the camera is sensitive too. Use the settings of your Blink Camera app to lower sensitivity depending on camera placement and circumstances.

The 20 feet limit is present across the board and for all Blink cameras. Motion detection could also be influenced by object temperature, infrared illumination, object size, camera placement, and the app sensitivity setting (that you should adjust in accordance to the circumstances).

Additional Tips and Tricks

You can mount Blink cameras practically anywhere inside or outside your home as long as they’re within your property’s perimeter. The camera features a convenient compact shape that allows for versatile placement all over your house, your yard, your garage, or your doors.

You can even mount this camera right on a tree, hiding it from plain view. However, this depends on how sturdy the mount is, how deeply you drill the screws, and how near or far your Wi-Fi signal could travel.

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