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72 august auto lock not working

Unlike manual locks, August Auto Locks are smart locks with smart connectivity features, like interfacing with your smart devices inside modern smart homes. They come with premium smart features, specifically the ability to open and close them remotely by smartphone app.

Smart locks deliver bank vault-level security and convenience on the consumer level. As secure as these electronic locks can get when they’re working properly, they’re also a pain when they malfunction.

Let this guide tell you what to do in order to fix them in a jiffy when push comes to shove. Here’s what to do when the August auto-lock not working.

Tips on How to Fix a Non-Working August Auto Lock

Here are the tips on how to fix a malfunctioning or non-working August Auto Lock.

1. Fiddle with the settings to fix an Auto-Unlock feature that suddenly stopped working.

If your August’s auto-unlock feature is working fine but suddenly stopped working, you can do several things to reactivate it.

  • Check your Phone Settings: Your phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth should all be enabled in order for auto-unlock to work properly. If the feature suddenly stopped working, it might be because you’ve turned off one or all three of those settings that should be enabled.
  • Force Quitting the App: Did you force-quit your August smart app? Quitting the app after leaving your house in auto-lock mode will have the lock stop working. The app should be turned on because quitting means it has lost its Home/Away status.
  • Entering Through a Different Door: You need to exit through the same door for auto-unlock to work best. If you exit in another door, it might not activate or work properly.
  • Location Services: Just like in the case of activating GPS, you should also set your Location Services to “Always” for the August App for the auto-unlock feature to work as intended.

74 august auto lock not working

2. Clear the app’s cache files to get the lock working.

Simply clearing the cache files can fix the issue of a non-responsive or randomly unlocking August lock by cleaning the cache files of their August app. Users of the app claim that every time the app is updated, it’s time to clear the cache files of said app.

To do this, go to your phone settings, navigate to the apps, and locate the August app. Tap on the program and look for the “Clear Cache Files” or “Delete Cache Files” option.

Choose that and you’ve practically done a soft reset on the app. You’ll need to undergo the app’s setup again every time you do this though.

3. Check the configurations of your phone’s GPS.

Check your GPS configurations to ensure auto-unlock works as intended. It’s not enough to turn the GPS on. The feature won’t work if your GPS isn’t properly configured. The auto-unlock requires you to know your location via smartphone in order to figure out whether to lock or unlock itself.

The smart unit has no idea when to unlock your door as you approach because it can’t locate you via GPS. It needs proper GPUS input. Don’t forget this fact if your August lock isn’t responding to your presence properly.

  • Enable Location Features: Make sure the precision location features are enabled. Also check if the August app has location features enabled as “Always” for the best results.
  • Test the GPS First: Test the GPS first and how the August lock reacts to your approach (whether you’re Home/Away) before activating the auto-unlock features.
  • Turn It on Always: After testing the GPS, make sure it’s turned on always along with your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that your auto-unlock works properly.
  • If Symptoms Persist: If the issue still persists even with GPS turned on every time, it might be an issue with the Wi-FI, the Bluetooth, the app cache, or the unit itself.

4. Check the Battery Saver Mode.

If it’s “all green” with the basic configurations for the app, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS then the issue might be your battery-saver features instead. Battery-saver features can terminate those normal operations in order to preserve battery life.

Update your battery saver settings to make exceptions for those operations or just turn off battery saver mode outright. It’s much simpler to turn the feature off than to make exceptions to keep your August app connected to your August lock and its auto-unlock feature.

5. Turn off settings, take the batteries out, put them back in, and turn on settings.

If your smart lock isn’t working as your settings indicate, it might be because your settings blew out, resulting in a lock that isn’t working the way it should. For example, if your lock locks immediately after you’ve opened the door or locks on its own regardless of the time setting, it’s time to troubleshoot it.

Do the following and see if it fixes the issue.

  • Launch the smart app, go to lock settings, and then disable the auto lock feature.
  • Now open up the battery pack of your August Auto Lock and remove the white module first before removing the batteries.
  • Wait about 30 seconds before putting the white module back in first. Wait another 30 second to replace the batteries.
  • Go back to the app lock settings and select “Calibrate Lock” to go through the process of recalibration as before.
  • After completing calibration, go to the auto lock settings in the app while the door is closed. Now you can re-enable it by setting it to instant.
  • At this point, the timing toggle isn’t important so worry about that later.
  • This should solve your auto-lock issue. Test it out for a whole day before putting in your timing toggle settings later on.

73 august auto lock not working

Related Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about August Locks.

Why is my August Smart Lock not auto-locking?

Auto-Lock might simply be turned off. Fix this by opening the August App. Select the applicable property from the keychain if you have more than one property powered by the lock system. On the lower right-hand corner of the lock circle screen, tap the Settings Gear icon.

On the devices shown, select the erring lock. Select Auto-Lock on the automations menu list. If it continues to not work, consult a professional or consider resetting the device to factory settings.

Why is my August Smart Lock’s auto-unlock feature not working?

The auto-unlock feature requires Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to be enabled. In some August models, it’s enough to only turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, since those are enough for it to determine your location like with GPS.

Location accuracy is important because the auto-unlock feature of August Smart Locks won’t work correctly or at all without it. To err on the side of caution, just enable Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi on your phone if they’re available settings.

If you’ve forced-quit the app, it also results in the feature not working right. The feature might stop working because the closed app has lost its Home/Away status. Keep it open instead if you’re using the locks.

How do you fix the August Smart Lock if it’s malfunctioning?

If your August Smart Lock is jammed, do the following. Select the three-line menu bar then tap “Home”. Now tap the gear icon to open “Settings” then select “Lock Settings” specifically. Scroll down the menu in order to get to the “Calibrate Lock” option.

Just activate that in order to get the recalibration prompt. Follow the in-app instructions until you’re able to dislodge the jammed smart lock altogether. Don’t under any circumstances manually dislodge the jammed lock.

Why isn’t the August lock connecting or establishing a connection?

You need to connect to your August lock via August smart app to fiddle with its settings. If it’s not able to connect to your Bluetooth, it’s time to troubleshoot the connection. First, try toggling your phone’s Bluetooth setting (i.e., turn it off for 30 seconds then turn it back on).

Sometimes, like your modem or router, you need to power-cycle or toggle your Bluetooth to get it working. Reconnect your August lock to your app by Bluetooth and see if it works. If connection issues persist, consult the nearest August call center for assistance.

Why aren’t my automatic locks working at all?

Auto locks like August Smart Lock and Yale Smart Lock usually stop working because of settings miscommunication. Certain locks require GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to be turned on and for the smartphone app to remain open for it to work as intended.

Maybe the battery is dead. Replacement of the battery should solve the issue of a malfunctioning lock like in the case of a key fob to a car door auto lock or a smart doorbell that keeps on ringing.


August Smart Accessories provides the best smart locks and doorbell locks around. They’re made to be fixable in a DIY fashion.

Installing and fixing non-functioning August smart locks can be quite the headache for the first-time owner. Use this guide to map out what to do in order to troubleshoot the locks in a DIY fashion up until you’re required to hire a professional to deal with it.

Installing the lock with the assistance of an expert involves a minimal fee charge. However, it might be worth the expenses to prevent complications in the future. With that said, when dealing with an August lock that doesn’t work, you can do certain things to quickly fix them.


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