Are Blink Cameras Waterproof? (All Models)

Are Blink Cameras Waterproof

If you want affordable high-quality surveillance video at an affordable price, you can depend on the minimalist package of Blink cameras. You can save money on the small yet powerful line of current Blink security cam models. Additionally, many people know them for their long battery lives.

You also don’t need to maintain a Blink camera as much as other camera types out there. Notably, it only costs about $100 to get the most expensive Blink camera. Other brands have about $100 as their cheapest option!

In any case, are blink cameras waterproof?

Are Blink Cameras Waterproof?

Aside from being known to last up to two years on a couple of AA batteries like remote controls, some Blink cams offer semi-waterproof and weatherproof features.

However, only one Blink camera offers water resistance, which isn’t the same as being waterproof—the Blink Outdoor.

The Blink Outdoor or Indoor & Outdoor Camera as well as the Blink XT and XT2 Outdoor Cameras offer a measure of water resistance against rain in the outdoors.

At most, you can avail of a waterproof gutter mount and case for outdoor cameras for extra protection.

Blink Cameras Waterproof
Blink Cameras Waterproof

No exclusively indoor Blink Camera features waterproof or water-resistance features. As such, you shouldn’t drop them in the bathtub or kitchen sink full of water as well as leave them out in the rain.

What’s the Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant?

You can submerge waterproofed devices and not see them malfunction. In contrast, a water-resistance device can get wet without incident but will get damaged when submerged or flooded with water.

The Blink Indoor & Outdoor Camera (Generation 2) possesses an IP65 weather rating.

The XT and XT2 line of Blink Cameras also offer weatherproofing and water resistance but not flood resistance, submersion resistance, or true waterproofing.

Indoor cameras from Blink should only be used indoors unless you’re talking about the Outdoor & Indoor line of cameras.

How Weatherproofed Is Your Blink Camera?

Yes, the outdoor line of cameras by Blink has limits not only against rain and water but also against extreme temperature.

When placing such cameras outdoors, it’s best to hide them from view and shelter them a bit from the sun.

You can place them inside birdhouses or under awnings to prevent direct exposure to inclement weather or temperatures. Also, the following factors can also affect the battery life of your Blink Cameras:

  • Extreme temperatures (heat or cold).
  • Slow or intermittent Internet connection.
  • Weak signal strength between the Wi-Fi and the camera.
  • Weak signal strength between the Sync Module and the camera.
  • Using rechargeable or Alkaline batteries. Blink specifically recommends against using them.
  • Using Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries. Such batteries cause all sorts of issues with the device. Only get 1.5v AA Lithium batteries as your replacement batteries.

How Long Is the Battery Life of Your Blink Camera?

Blink advertises that their cameras can last for up to 2 years using 1.5v AA Lithium batteries when involving standard use. Standard use entails 70 seconds of recordings per day.

Overall, it entails 4,788 seconds of two-way talk, 43,200 seconds of motion-activated recording, or 5,882 seconds of live view.

If turned on continuously for a whole day, the Blink XT2 Camera lasts for 14 hours while the Blink XT Camera lasts for 10 hours.

Battery life depends on environmental factors, device settings, type of usage, and temperature (hotness or coldness).

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Can the Battery-Powered Blink Outdoor Cameras Operate During Power Outages?

Battery-powered Blink cameras can work because of their batteries during a power outage but they require a connection to Wi-Fi and a Sync Module to work normally.

Therefore, despite working using battery mode, it won’t work without that Sync connection and Internet connectivity.

During such an outage, the Blink Outdoor & Indoor (Gen 2) Cameras will try to record the first motion event after power loss then upload the clip unto the cloud once it connects back to the Sync Module and the system goes back online.

This offline recording feature could fail to work. System problems happen due to power issues and online disconnections.

It’s best to ensure that your camera could always avail of Internet and power.

Are Outdoor Blink Cameras Wireless?

All 3 models of Blink Cameras—Generation 1 Indoor, Generation 2 Indoor & Outdoor, and the XT Series—are wireless.

However, only 2 of them work wire-free. Wireless cameras technically mean they can connect to your Internet network without the Ethernet cable.

A truly wireless or wire-free camera works without plugging it in, like a smartphone or laptop. The Blink Indoor & Outdoor Camera works with 1.5v AA Lithium batteries so you don’t need to plug it into anything to work.

They don’t have cords but they do have USB port in case you want to connect a weatherproof cable on them.

In contrast, the Blink Mini Camera has a power cord and requires electric socket connection in order to work.

Are Blink Cameras Compatible with Google Home?

At present, no. Amazon (the parent company of Blink) and Google have not made any moves to make their devices compatible with one another or work with one another.

No agreement has been made by the two tech giants in order to make Blink work with your Google Home.

Furthermore, Amazon seems to prioritize their Ring brand over their Blink brand when it comes to high-tech smart cameras with Wi-Fi-based recording uploads to the cloud.

If an agreement could be reached to have Google work with Amazon brand cameras, Ring might be the likelier camera candidate.

Therefore, you’ll have to search in other places in order to find a camera that works with Google Home, preferably one made by Google itself to ensure absolute compatibility.

Items to Consider

Only outdoorsy Blink Cameras like XT, XT2, and Indoor & Outdoor Cameras (Generation 2) could withstand wetness or inclement weather like the rain. They do have their limits though. They merely offer water resistance and could malfunction with enough water exposure.

Although you can place outdoor cameras from Blink outside or inside your home (they double as both) as long as they could connect to the Sync Module and Internet, they’re not completely waterproof or weatherproof. You should avoid putting them in ground level where they could be water-logged.

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