Annke Camera Troubleshooting

Annke Camera Troubleshooting

The Annke Cam is a wonderful choice for your home protection. It keeps a record of everything happening in your humble abode. It features a design and interface so simple that most Annke issues can be fixed within minutes if you know basic troubleshooting tips and whatnot.

Let’s now talk about how to go about annke camera troubleshooting. It’s your DIY way of getting your cam fixed and exhausting all possible options before requiring a replacement or third-party repair.

Why is my camera’s image abnormal or bad? How to Fix!

If you’re getting an abnormal image from Annke Cam video—such as an abnormal color, a black-and-white picture, stripes, or water stains—then here are the things you can do to fix it when push comes to shove.

Just follow the troubleshooting tips listed below in order to potentially solve the problem. Otherwise, you might need to repair or replace the hardware altogether. Hopefully, your cam is under warranty when this happens.

A Problem with the Channel, Cable, or Camera Port

You can fix the abnormal picture by cross-changing the channel port to zero-in on which port, cable, or cam has the issue or is the problem part. For example, check through Channels A1 to A4, Cables B1 to B4, and Cameras C1 to C4 if that’s your setup.

  • The Cable Has Gone Bad: If this is the case, check if it’s the case. Connect Camera C1 to Channel A1 with working Cable B2 to confirm it’s a cable B1 problem. If that’s the case, replace the cable.
  • The Channel Port is Damaged: If the port is damaged, connect the working Camera C2 to Channel A1 with the working Cable B2 to confirm it is Channel Port A1’s problem. Look into fixing the port or replacing an in-warranty device.
  • The Camera is Broken: If the camera itself is damaged, connect Camera C1 to working Channel A2 with working Cable B2 to confirm Camera C1 is the culprit. Again, get the camera fixed (voids warranty) or replaced (if it’s still in-warranty).

A Problem with the Wi-Fi

If your Annke cam system is a Wi-Fi IP CCTV or wireless system, check your router if it has a steady Internet connection or if it’s spotty. A poor connection can cause bad imagery. You can fix your camera/NVR/DVR from going offline or having slow Internet by a simple router reset.

You can also remove having too many devices connected to the network at once to allow your cameras to have more bandwidth. You might need to place the router nearer the system if worse comes to worst.

A Problem with the DVR/NVR Power

You could end up with an abnormal picture or feed if your Digital Video Recorder/Network Video Recorder has some power problems and couldn’t support all cameras working simultaneously.

As a reminder, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) receives live image or video streams from your digital IP CCTV network for digital recording on a hard disk. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) captures video footage as well, but it works with analog cameras.

To solve this issue, try connecting only one or two cameras to the DVR/NVR. This might fix the abnormal or compromised look of the picture.

A Problem with the TV or Monitor

If it’s an issue with the television set or monitor, then you can check by changing the TV or monitor to see if it works with another display device. It could also be a connection issue or a port issue again (it might be on HDMI2 but the feed is set at HDMI1).

Check the phone view or computer view if it faces the same issue. If the feeds don’t match, you could either have a faulty HDMI cable or a faulty HDMI port from the NVR/DVR or from the TV/monitor.

A Problem with Signal Interference between Annke Cameras

To solve signal interference from on Annke Cam to another, try the previous solution of connecting only one or two cameras to your DVR/NVR. Check if the image becomes abnormal or not afterwards. From there, call Annke support on how to minimize or eliminate cam-to-cam signal interference.

Incorrect Settings on the DVR

If the DVR has incorrect settings, you should try restoring the DVR.

Go to System Maintenance on your DVR’s app, go to the left menu and click on “Default”, then on the options you have three to choose from: “Simply Restore the Settings”, “Restore All Parameters to Default Settings”, or “Restore the Device to Inactive Status”.

Choose “Restore All Parameters to Default Settings” then check if this solves your abnormal picture dilemma.

How to Reset Cameras to Factory Default on DVR?

If the cameras have incorrect settings, try and reset the cameras to factory settings to correct imaging issues.

Access the system for Camera Management. Go to the left menu, select the “PTZ” option, select the “Camera” option, then select the “PTZ” button on the lower right corner.

On the PTZ Menu, click on the Plus (+) icon to go to the Main Menu. On this new menu, it has the “Factory Default” option. Click the down arrow to reach that option then click the right arrow icon to restore the camera to its default settings.

How can you improve the image quality of Annke Cameras?

You can check the quality of Annke cam videos by Playback, Live View, or recording download. You can improve the image quality by changing the encoding system when setting up the record encoding for your Annke cameras.

You can also change the installation environment. The image quality can be affected by environments with solid color backdrops, strong lights, or infrared reflection (like being near windows, glass doors, or glass installations). Make sure a target is within illumination range as well.

To Rewind

There are many causes for a non-functioning Annke Camera. It could be offline. It could have issues with its power source. It could have poor Wi-Fi strength. Or it might need a reset or app data deletion to ensure synchronized operation between the cam, its NVR/DVR, and its app.

Hopefully, this guide on how to troubleshoot your Annke Cam or surveillance system has helped you fix the device in a DIY fashion before needing to contact Annke support for a replacement cam or a third-party repairman for repair detail.


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