Amcrest vs. Dahua Camera – Which Security Camera is Best for You?

Amcrest vs Dahua Camera

Securing your residential or business premises with a high-end surveillance system is the best and most affordable way to protect it. Although it cannot completely deter burglars and intruders, it can help monitor your property remotely. On that note, let’s try to compare Amcrest vs. Dahua cameras, two of the most popular brands today.

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Both Amcrest and Dahua have a big selection of home security systems and security cameras. In truth, it is a little funny to compare these two camera brands, given that Amcrest mostly rebrands Dahua cams. There is a good chance these security cameras are 99% similar to each other. But still, let’s start with getting to know the backgrounds of both companies.


Officially, Amcrest started in early 2016 when Foscam US rebranded itself as Amcrest Technologies. At first, Foscam US was an independent distributor for Foscam Shenzhen, a Chinese manufacturer, and supplier. However, there was an issue of the Chinese supplier undercutting the U.S. distributor in 2016.

Because of this, Foscam US had to cut all their ties and go alone as Amcrest Technologies. Since then, the company has enjoyed a good reputation. Besides rebranding Dahua, it also launched original products quickly overtaking Foscam. Their products are known for quality, reliability, and excellent support.


Dahua, as you know, is a vendor of security cameras. The company is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and has a wide variety of products, just like Amcrest and its other competitors. It has a full lineup of products but is widely recognized for the 2MP Starlight ultra low-light cameras.

A lot of other companies work together or are part of Dahua. For instance, it now owns Lorex. Just like Amcrest, Panasonic, Honeywell, Bosch, and many other companies rebrand Dahua cameras. By rebranding, it means these companies stick their logo and change some of the features. This way, the cameras fit more with their product range.

Amcrest vs. Dahua Camera – A Comparison

Truthfully, Amcrest, and Dahua likely have more similarities than differences. After all, Amcrest rebrands Dahua products. However, since the company has started to produce its own cameras, there are still some things that set them apart. Let’s compare Amcrest vs. Dahua cameras.

Video Quality & Resolution

No matter what camera system it is, the video quality and resolution are essential considerations. On that note, remember that the sharpest image quality is in cameras with 1080p, 4MP, 5MP, and ultra-HD 4K/8 M.P. resolution. Dahua cameras’ resolution includes not only 1080p, but also 2K, 4K, 5K, and 8K formats.

As for Amcrest, it pretty much offers all these resolutions, given it rebrands Dahua cameras. There really is not much to compare here as both companies serve clients with home security systems equipped with the latest tech. Both cameras also have a wide array of camera models that deliver sharper, clearer images.

But as an old-time manufacturer, Dahua has a more extensive selection with better optics. They also use True WDR, which produces better quality images when in dark areas. Not to mention, the company has a leading-edge starlight night vision. This tech can record colored images not just in bright backgrounds, but low-light as well.

Over the years since Amcrest cut ties with Foscam, it has improved its products. They are now starting to produce outdoor cameras with clear, crisp ultra-HD 4K picture quality. Besides that, their cameras come with an array of unique features. There is night vision, motion alerts, digital zoom, and more.


Like in the video quality, both Amcrest and Dahua cameras have smart features that can enhance the cameras’ general performance. From what we have seen, they mostly have the same inbuilt video tech and features. With Amcrest, there’s the ability to monitor the inside of a house. It’s an ideal feature for keeping an eye on your kids or the nanny.

Among the features that Amcrest cameras have are:

  • Ultra H.D. Resolution – 4K/8 M.P., 4MP, and 5MP cameras and most products have at least 1080p picture quality
  • Two-Way Audio – built-in speaker and mic in cameras for communicating through the Amcrest View app
  • Night Vision – infrared night vision of up to 164 feet capable of seeing the darkest corners of your property
  • Wireless Connectivity – fast and reliable connectivity without the cables and cords all over the place
  • Wide Viewing Angles – Wide angles for viewing so you can see the whole picture when someone intrudes into your property
  • Storage Options – DVR & NVR devices for physical storage or S.D. card slots; cloud storage, but the plans are expensive
  • Weatherproof Design – outdoor cameras with IP67 weatherproof rating, so it can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Notifications – instant alerts get sent directly to your phone when the camera detects or hears something
  • Other accessories like GPS trackers, thermal body temperature monitoring, webcams, earbud headphones, scopes and binoculars, and others
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Dahua shares some of these features, but there are also some differences. Standard features in Dahua cameras include intrusion alerts, motion detection, and facial recognition. They also video tampering detection. Other Dahua products even can detect and send notifications triggered when a sound suddenly increases.

More of the brand’s cameras feature sound recording with inbuilt mics. Dahua also has an A.I. called SMD or Smart Motion Detection. It can filter false alarms, which ensure that you will not receive false alerts. As for night time color, Dahua has a full-color special lens and LED light when in the dark.

Here is a video where you can see how Dahua’s full-color picture looks like compared to standard picture quality.

Ease of Use

In comparing Amcrest vs. Dahua cameras in terms of ease of use, Amcrest is no doubt the winner. Their cameras are generally easier to use, with Dahua’s client software tending to be crummy. Dahua cameras are not very interactive and have annoying prompts you need to go through when setting up.

Amcrest, on the other hand, is as simple as it gets. You don’t need any techie skills to install or set it up, just the basic DIY know-how and minimal effort. For the most part, you only need to connect your new cam to the Amcrest app, scan the Q.R. code, then connect to your Wi-Fi. The instructions are also easy to follow so that you won’t encounter any issues.

Customer Support

Besides features and quality, customer service is one thing you should always keep in mind when looking for a security camera. It’s true, particularly if you don’t know much about gadgets and technology. A company with responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer support ensures you can rely on them if you encounter problems.

In the U.S., you can contact Dahua in several ways. You can reach them through technical support, via the sales support or product information. There’s also the Dahua Wiki, a hub of information ready to help 24/7. The site also has a selection of white papers for in-depth details of their technologies. You can also reach the support team by calling 877-606-1590.

With Amcrest, you will find their customer service page full of help portals on every product type. The targeted approach makes it easy to find the answers or solutions you need. Besides that, Amcrest has an online knowledgebase. In there, you will discover numerous troubleshooting guides and tutorials, plus 24/7 chat services.


Which is the better brand between Amcrest and Dahua?

Both Dahua and Amcrest cameras are relatively cheaper. Most of their models cost less than $100, which is why a lot of people consider them. But given that Dahua is not that easy to use and also lost in terms of customer service, Amcrest is a good choice for mid-range camera experience. Still, Dahua no doubt has some of the best security cameras available.

Which site is the easiest to use?

Both Amcrest and Dahua websites are easy to use. Their light colors are a good touch, as it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Moreover, the information is carefully arranged in a way that you can find it at one glance. With lots of information available on site, it sure helps customers to know as much as they can about each brand’s products.

Which brand has better customer service?

Amcrest’s customer service is one of its biggest strengths, being thorough and detailed. However, the chat service can be quite frustrating. On the other hand, Dahua also has relatively good customer service. The Dahua Wiki is just as good as Amcrest’s online portal. It also has a chatbot to answer common questions, but it’s not as responsive.


We are done comparing Amcrest vs. Dahua cameras. As mentioned before, there really not much of a difference between the two. Both are excellent brands with superior quality security systems and cameras both for home and office use. They are also considerably cheaper than others, even with all the technologies.

If you want more options, Dahua is the best choice. But as you know, Dahua is now banned in the U.S. While getting a hand on the products is not difficult, the challenge is on getting around the ban. In that case, it might be better to choose Amcrest. But whether it is Chinese-make, banned or not, the choice is on you.


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